Credit Myth #2 of 10 (Series 1)

Q:If I succeed in deleting a negative item, it will just come right back on my credit report.

A:The credit bureaus have cleverly spread this myth through the news media and government agencies. In truth, the credit bureaus will often temporarily delete a negative listing if they haven’t heard from the credit grantor after approximately thirty days.

If the credit grantor reports late, say after six weeks, and then verifies the negative listing, the credit bureau will often reinsert the negative listing on the credit report.

This is often known as a “soft delete.” Usually, though, the creditor simply fails to respond and the negative listing is permanently deleted. If the item is verified by the credit grantor, either before thirty days or after, the account may still be challenged at some future time for removal.

If this rare action occurs you can have it removed it again by re-disputing that item. The New Laws FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) along side the Fair Credit Reporting Act makes it much more difficult for this to occur. Don't let this change your mind about improving your credit with credit correction services.

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