Credit Myth #8 of 10 (Series 1)

Many try to convince themselves that this will work. Here is the FACTS.

Q:If I build enough good credit, it will offset my bad credit and make me credit worthy. After all, I was only late a couple of times.

A: Any amount of bad credit is devastating to your chances of being approved by a credit grantor. Most credit grantors never actually look at your credit report.

A computer pulls your credit report, rates your credit standing, income, indebtedness, and stability, then spits out an acceptance or denial. Even one or two slow pays (late payments) will usually trigger a credit card or personal loan denial.

The slightest amount of negative credit will cause the interest on an auto, credit card, mortgage loan to skyrocket. You will probably find that even a little bad credit, regardless of how much good credit you have, is an unacceptable barrier to credit approval in most cases.

That is the reason why you should start restoring your credit to remove negative data and improve your credit rating using Credit Smart Repair as soon as possible.

Don’t delay or it may cost you thousands of dollars in high interest rates, fees and interest you really can’t afford to be paying in the first place. You really cannot afford to sit around waiting for negative data to simply "fall off" your personal credit. Waiting is costly mistake when you now know there is something that can solve your problem. There is no shame in having bad credit. Just keeping it.

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