Credit Myth #10 of 10 (Series 1)

This is far, far, far from the TRUTH! Read on and do not be fooled!

Q:It is illegal for creditor to take a negative, accurate listing off my credit report. The law requires that these items remain on the credit report for at least seven to ten years.

A: When you speak with credit grantors, collection agencies, or credit bureaus, their typically under-educated staff may tell you all manner of such legal nonsense.

The law demands that negative listings appear on your credit report for no longer than seven to ten years. Then credit grantor or the credit bureau can choose to delete the negative credit listing whenever they see it. (In any case, they are the ones that placed it on your credit in the first place!)

So you now you know more than 99.99% of what other people know or claim to think they know. Prove or REMOVE. It's the LAW. If you like this Series of Myths then catch the other 2 series on our blog too!

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