I Was Really Amazed…

Review By: Sandy Nelson

Credit repair can often be challenging if you’re either dealing with a company that does not deliver results or a credit repair company that make false claims by saying they can achieve quick results. You spend so much money through the entire process and usually end up disappointed with little or no improvements in your scores. When I was first introduced to Robert Montoya of Credit Smart, I was hesitant to use his firm due to previous experiences I had with incompetent credit repair companies.

But after speaking with him, I felt secure with his honesty and his in depth knowledge about the credit repair industry. He was so understanding that I felt at ease discussing my situation. I decided to hire him to clean up my credit report and convinced myself to trust the entire process. Robert continually walked me through each step as I had to do my part in order to start seeing positive results, which is sending the credit report updates from each bureau to Robert once I received them in the mail and if I moved notify him as this is a very critical detail through the process as I get all the credit report updates.

Within only a few months, I immediately noticed the negative items that were removed from my reports! I was really amazed!! Robert’s professionalism, how quickly he responds to concerns and questions, and his follow through made this process effortless. I highly recommend his services to anyone that needs any type of credit repair, minor or major…he WILL get it done! He’s my secret weapon!

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